Pirates is a multiplayer combat-sim themed in the 18th century Caribbean.
You are placed in the role of a pirate and will find yourself battling other pacts,competing for precious booty,
and working together to pillage and plunder ports and villages.Your arsenal options consist of melee, ranged, and explosives.
Powered by Unreal 4



  • Multiplayer combat FPS/TPS
    Dedicated server support. Up to 64 players supported.
  • 2 teams (pirate factions).
    Colour coded with separate themes (flags and symbols)
  • Customisable pirate player
    There are no static classes. You may create your own;
    Decide the balance of abilities and the look of your pirate.
    13 full presets (5 starting; 7 unlockables)
  • Melee combat (4 directional parry system)
    Swords, axes, and more; unlockable weapons.
  • Ranged combat and Explosives
    Matchlock, Flintlock, Percussion, Crossbow, Bow,
    Grenade launcher, Grenades, and more.
  • 3 Tier system for weapons & a market.
  • Unlockables & achievements
  • 9 gamemodes to accompany the combat system
    (Sea battles, Tomb raiding, Pillaging, Booty hunt, etc)
    Objective, versus and cooperative.
    Sea battle campaign features RTS + FPS/TPS mixed. A player on each team commands the ship, while the others man the cannons or snipe. Sink the enemy ship or board and fight.
  • Large variety of maps with unique objectives
  • Steam Integration
  • Voice/Taunt system, variety to choose from.
    Each full preset has its own voice library; 7 are unlockables.
  • Humour and Gore
  • Custom Map and Mod Support
  • Multiple OS: WinXP-8, Mac, and Linux

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